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FFXIV Characters Selection - Beta Phase 3

This post was partially inspired by a FFXIV post from Reddit: How to check your NA server ping. My post below gives players real FFXIV servers to ping test against.

With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn releasing in two months, and with the beta servers now online with regional servers, I figured it was time to take a peek at where the servers were located. There was some guessing in the community that the North American servers would be located in Canada, and they are correct!

When you are selecting a server to create your FFXIV character on, you have to first choose between the “JP” and “NA/EU” group. This selection determines if you will be playing on a server in Tokyo, Japan or Montreal, Canada. The selection of the server within a world group has no impact on your ping. This is important to know as you will see servers marked as (EU) in the NA/EU list. These EU servers are still hosted in the Canadian datacenter. This means no servers are hosted in Europe.

The FFXIV client gives you an indicator of your ping to the server when you are selecting a server. You can see an example of this in the 2 screenshots below:

Hovering over a JP server shows a connection of "Good" for me.

Hovering over a JP server shows a connection of “Good” for me. Results based on a ping to

Hovering over a NA server shows a connection of "Excellent" for me.

Hovering over a NA server shows a connection of “Excellent” for me. Results based on a ping to

You’ll notice the “CONNECTION” quality in the above two pictures.  The game determines this by pinging the lobby server for each world group and assigning a name to the resulting ping.  To give you an idea of what the “Excellent” vs “Good” means, I have a ping of 76ms to the excellent server and a ping of 175ms to the good server.

Server Status From SquareEnix

The “World Status” page that is shown in the launcher can be seen directly in your browser, you don’t even have to launch the game. Note that the URL has “beta3″ in it, which means it will most likely change for beta4 and release, so don’t count on it staying around forever. See here:

There are two .json files that also provide the server status for people wanting to do a server-status page themselves, those being:

Traceroute to lobby servers

I wanted to give an example traceroute to the two lobby servers for FFXIV. This is taken from this webserver which is based in Dallas, TX.

Loss%=Percent of lost packets. Snt=Number of pings sent. Last/Avg/Best/Wrst=Ping values. StDev=Standard deviation of pings.

Traceroute to (lobby in Japan):

HOST:                             Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--                   0.0%    10    0.6   0.5   0.4   0.6   0.1
  2.|--  0.0%    10    0.3   1.9   0.3  16.3   5.0
  3.|--     0.0%    10    0.6   0.5   0.5   0.6   0.0
  4.|--      0.0%    10    0.8   0.8   0.7   1.2   0.1
  5.|--   0.0%    10    0.7   0.6   0.6   0.8   0.1
  6.|--    0.0%    10    0.8   6.9   0.7  29.9  10.9
  7.|--    0.0%    10   34.1  34.1  34.0  34.3   0.1
  8.|--    0.0%    10   31.5  31.6  31.3  32.4   0.3
  9.|--    0.0%    10   42.0  42.0  42.0  42.2   0.1
 10.|--    0.0%    10   41.5  42.8  41.4  54.6   4.1
 11.|--              0.0%    10   42.1  42.1  41.7  42.6   0.3
 12.|--          0.0%    10  143.5 143.3 143.0 143.5   0.2
 13.|--          0.0%    10  143.4 143.5 143.3 143.7   0.1
 14.|--                  0.0%    10  146.1 146.3 146.0 147.1   0.3
 15.|--                            0.0%    10  161.0 161.1 160.8 161.3   0.2
 16.|--                           0.0%    10  161.2 162.3 161.0 171.9   3.4
 17.|--                           0.0%    10  137.2 137.0 136.8 137.2   0.1
 18.|--                           0.0%    10  139.2 139.2 138.9 140.1   0.3
 19.|--                         10.0%    10  135.5 135.7 135.4 136.0   0.2
 20.|--                         10.0%    10  135.3 141.8 135.3 161.6  11.2
Traceroute to (lobby in Canada)

HOST:                             Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--                   0.0%    10    0.6   0.5   0.4   0.7   0.1
  2.|--  0.0%    10    0.3   4.8   0.3  37.5  11.7
  3.|--     0.0%    10    0.5   0.5   0.4   0.6   0.1
  4.|--      0.0%    10    0.8   0.8   0.7   1.2   0.1
  5.|--   0.0%    10    0.6   0.6   0.6   0.9   0.1
  6.|--       0.0%    10    0.7   0.8   0.6   1.7   0.3
  7.|--     0.0%    10    0.8   0.8   0.7   1.8   0.3
  8.|--     90.0%    10   51.1  51.1  51.1  51.1   0.0
  9.|--                               0.0%    10   61.6  51.4  47.2  61.6   5.6
 10.|--    0.0%    10   51.6  51.7  51.1  53.1   0.6
 11.|--    0.0%    10   51.0  47.6  46.5  51.0   1.6
 12.|--                             0.0%    10   49.6  49.6  49.5  49.8   0.1
 13.|--                              0.0%    10   51.5  54.8  51.4  73.3   7.3
 14.|--                           0.0%    10   48.8  48.3  48.0  49.7   0.5
 15.|--                            0.0%    10   46.7  46.7  46.7  46.9   0.1

FFXIV Server List

Now for the fun part, a list of some of the servers you interact with when launching FFXIV.

Looking at the table below, you will notice that the IP address for Leviathin and Cerberus are only 1 digit apart. This means they are in the same datacenter, possibly right near one another. So picking an EU versus a non-EU server in the NA/EU group has no impact on your ping.

Hostname IP Address Protocol Location Purpose many HTTP Near you (CDN) When you first start FFXIV and it checks its launcher application version. This is hosted on a CDN (content delivery network) run by Akamai. This means patch downloading should always be fast. HTTP Japan Checks if your game version is current. If you are out-of-date, this server will tell you what the latest version is and your client will download it from a different server. HTTP Japan When the launcher is shown, this server returns all of the “latest news” information. HTTPS Japan This server gives you the login page in the top-right of the launcher. As well, when you send your username/password, it goes to this server. many HTTP Near you (CDN) When you download a patch for FFXIV, it is hosted on a CDN run by Akamai. custom (Port: 54994) Japan The main lobby server for the Japan world group. Used for the “connection” ping test. Also handles character creation and assignment to world servers. custom (Port: 54994) Canada The main lobby server for the NA/EU world group. Used for the “connection” ping test. Also handles character creation and assignment to world servers.
Unknown (Ramuh) custom (Port: 55022) Japan Ramuh world server in Japan.
Unknown (Leviathin) custom (Port: 55022) Canada Leviathin world server in NA/EU.
Unknown (Cerberus) custom (Port: 55022) Canada Cerberus(EU) world server in NA/EU.

My plan is to go through all of the servers players can create a character on and match the IP address to them, but this is a time consuming process.

7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV – Server Locations

    1. Kyrra Post author

      That’s actually a really good question. Computer times are fairly easy to set. Many servers on the internet tend to have their times set to GMT, but for some reason the FFXIV game client is showing the server time as BST (British Summer Time), which is GMT+1. I just logged into a US, EU, and JP server, and all show GMT+1 for the server time. My guess is it’s either a client bug, or they set all their servers to be the same time.

      As a side note, I did some testing due to your comment and noticed that the IP address for the game servers actually is a bit more complicated than I thought. It looks like different zones of the same world has different servers. More digging to do!

      Also, used a service that pings an IP from around the globe. Check out these ping times for the NA/EU servers:

      1. Lhun

        The reason why it seems that different zones are coming from mutliple servers is because of instancing. As it turns out, global group instanced battles will pull from other servers if you don’t have a party with the required classes – and the instance will be on one of the servers randomly.

    2. Edward

      As for how the data center can be in Canada and still be EST, I have to ask…Do you understand how timezones work?

      The Eastern Standard Timezone is not solely the property of the US. If you take a look at it, you will see that Montreal is in fact in the EST timezone.

  1. Zetsubou

    How are you getting the IPs of the servers?

    I might be able to help in that process, almost I’m trying to find out if gaming tunneling service might help in increasing my connection.

  2. Raynault

    Hey great post.

    All your findings match with everything I’ve been using to put together my server status page. One curious thing I noticed was that some of the individual server IPs would change between beta tests, but they haven’t shuffled around in quite a while from what I’ve seen (maybe they’ll stay the same through launch).

    If you grab a hold of nmap and start doing some scans on either of the data centers within a wide IP range, you’ll find several other machines that have the exact same open/closed port configurations as the ones currently hosting the individual worlds. So it appears they have several other world hosting machines set up and ready to go that aren’t being used for the worlds we’ve seen already, which is pretty curious. Maybe room for expansion, or maybe they’ll move worlds over before launch. At the moment some worlds are actually hosted on the same physical server, resulting in different worlds having the same IP, but you’ll find that the traffic for each world goes through different ports. Maybe they’ll switch to a setup where each world has its own dedicated server for launch, but who knows.

    Neat writeup, and happy scanning :)

  3. sentenced

    I am playing on Odin.Running a netstat every day,i discovered that the ip of the server i connect to,changes frequently.It actually varies like 199.91.189.xx Sometimes the game starts rubberbanding, then it freezes and i get error 9000,and when i log back in, i run netstat and see the server ip has changed.


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